Shep Kelly

Shep Kelly - one of the co-founders of the "Black Girl Giggles" - tours the nation with Queen Aishah's "Funny -N- Stilettos" and remains the reigning winner of the 2016 "Funniest Comic of the Gulf South" comedy competition.

Camille Roane

Camille Roane is a New Orleans based comic who spends most of her time picking fights on Facebook with high school acquaintances and trying to learn to twerk. She likes to think that makes her a dancer, activist and comedienne. 

Briana Augustus

Briana Augustus is a New Orleans-born poet and visual artist that turned to comedy to find happier friends. She settled for funnier friends and didn't turn back. She's a well-rounded under-over-achiever in life, as well as painter, photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of "Black Girl Giggles".

Ashleigh Branch

In East New Orleans, born and raised. On the playground, that's where I spent most of my days. Tomboyin and being rough, tryna be cool, while shooting b-ball by my grandma pool. When a couple of times, I made some people laugh. Kinda thought it was all just a gaffe. I got one open mic, and it made my day, that's when I knew comedy was the way.

Geneva Joy Hughes

A founding member of Black Girl Giggles and the First Lady of We Are Young Funny, Geneva Joy is a Philly Native who literally moved to New Orleans for Daiquiris (amongst other things)!

Eritria Pitts

Eritria Pitts - born and raised in New Orleans - is a professional storyteller, improviser, and freelance writer, whose comedic narratives have been featured on and NPR. 

Denise Moore

Denise Jena Moore is a New Orleans based actress, writer and bookworm. She currently performs improv and sketch at The New Movement, and is working on a feature screenplay, a play, a sketch show, and a bunch of other stuff.

Brionne Bagneris

Although she's only been doing comedy for less than a year, Brionne Bagneris always had a love for making people laugh. After all - a day without laughter is a day wasted! A grateful member of Black Girl Giggles, she has a passion for sharing her true stories and talents with like-minded women. 

Michele Poole

In keeping with her tradition of over-promising and under-delivering, Michele Poole delivers hastily arranged and funny observations on life with the detail of a neurotic but slightly brain damaged lovable lunatic. 

Nkechi Chibueze

Born in England, raised in El Paso, and currently living in New Orleans, Nkechi Chibueze is a happy-go-lucky stand-up comedian who is thrilled to be a part of Black Girl Giggles. Nkechi's comedy background is in performance studies, sketch writing and improv.  

Sierra Fitzgerald

Sierra Fitzgerald is a local stand-up comedienne, founding member of Black Girl Giggles, and Krewe of Nyx member. You can usually find the Memphis native around town with a cocktail in hand and wearing varying amounts of glitter.

Mystic Hightower

Mystic Hightower is best known for her collection of snacks and reasons to go home. Her personality will leave you so isolated and confused, you'll probably think it’s a performance art show - which is beneficial to her getting home in time to watch Jeopardy!

Tekesha Finley

Saya Meads