Black Girl Giggles

Black Girl Giggles is a brilliantly talented collective of African-American comediennes based in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

About Us

What is BGG?

Black Girl Giggles is a New Orleans collective of African-American female comediennes building and fostering a diverse and growing stand-up comedy community for comediennes of color.

What is this about a comedy festival?

As Essence Festival attendees descend upon the city of New Orleans, we host the annual Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival to showcase the comedic talents of women of color. 

This stellar comedy lineup will feature  talented comediennes of color from all over!

Join the festival fun!

  • Are you a performer? Festivals submissions are now open!
  • Do you like to laugh? Attend the festival and invite your friends! Be sure to check back for the stellar line-up we have in store for you in 2018!
  • Follow the festival and all updates from the festival's Facebook page here.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA